Sunday, October 7, 2007


It seems the more homework we have, more time we have to do not the homework! We need breaks, and the breaks bring stuff like this...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mandatory Advising Counselor List

Marina can you post the attached list on the blog? It is the advisor with whom the girls should make their advising appointments, for those with Freshman Workshop next to them can you put TBA (to be announced)...... Thanks Cat

Antonopoulos, Patricia Kirsten
Bishop, Morgan Michelle
Canetti, Cecilia Michelle
Delfin, Briana Michelle
Denaro, Rachelle Robin
Di Tommaso, Geraldine Robin
Emerick, Kelsie Jimmy
Figge, Brooke Michelle
Gentner, Rebecca Robin
Grade, Erin Michelle
Hayslett, Courtney Freshman Workshop TBA
Holderman, Jennifer Freshman Workshop TBA
Houck, Kalina Kirsten
Lee, Branwyn Michelle
Leonard, Meaghan Freshman Workshop TBA
Libutti, Teressa Freshman Workshop TBA
MacKenzie, Megan Freshman Workshop TBA
O’Sullivan, Kealaonapua Kirsten
Perryman, Kelly Kirsten
Sarlo, Sophia Freshman Workshop TBA
Steadman, Sarah Michelle
Stragier, Kristen Freshman Workshop TBA
Strong, Kristin Freshman Workshop TBA
Swart, Kristin Kirsten
Thornback, Brittany Rebecca
Trujillo, Katherine Michelle
Wawrzynski, Dayna Robin
Winther, Cory Michelle

Monday, October 1, 2007

Water Polo Women's Stars

The web site el cuervo is making videos of some of the best women's water polo players in the world. This time is Brenda Villa. Very nice.

ps: the #4 just looks so cool hehe

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I think I mentioned this player to some of you once, Elisa Casanova, 2 meter player from Italia. I think it is funny how small Brenda Villa is when we see next to Casanova!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is the game that qualified Holand to the Olympic Games 2008. So exciting!! Enjoy

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Tomorrow morning! Welcome back to Long Beach State water polo team for the returners! And welcome newbies! I hope you all have a great time this year and a lot of HARD work!

7:45 tomorrow morning be ready to work!

Have a great night!

Friday, September 7, 2007


They should make one video with 15 amazing goals made by women. But this is cool!
Which goal did you like the most?
Video made by elcuervo, they have a lot of cool water polo videos.


First team dinner!

This sunday, September 9 we are going to meet at Lakewood Souplantation
Between Clark & Lakewood Blvd.
4720 Candlewood St.
Lakewood, CA 90712-1831

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Dont forget meeting tomorrow 3:30 at the pool!!!

see you girlies!!

Monday, September 3, 2007


The European Olympic Qualifying Tournament ended last weeked with Holland beating Russia in the final and taking the spot for Beijing 2008.

Here is a little bit of a game between Holland and Russia.

Teams qualified for Beijing 2008:

1-China (host country)
2-Australia (Oceania-Asia)
3-USA (America)
4- Holland (Europe)

4 more spots open for the Pre-Olympic Tournament next year.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pan American Games Video

Cecilia made this video with images and moments of us at the pan-american games. It was fun and exciting to play such a big tournament at home!

Friday, August 31, 2007


I found that on facebook and thought it has some very funny points...

If you have more to add to that, let us know!!

You know you're a waterpolo player when..
-you smell like chlorine 24 7 even after taking showers

-you rarely shower at home

-you are used to doing homework in the car

-you make more gay jokes than you should

-you aren't repulsed by speedos, you actually like them and find them more convenient than those baggy trunks some people wear

-you are not disturbed by the thought of deck changing and you think it's an efficient way to save some time

-you are constantly annoyed by people who think waterpolo is just volleyball in a shallow pool

-you have scratches all over your body, and simply shrugg when people ask you what happened, because you want to avoid the whole "how is volleyball dangerous?!" scenario

-if you are a girl, you have red marks all over your neck and are usually tutted by some teachers at school if you happen to wear a tank top

-you aren't always aware that you're bleeding or bruised

-you secretly like the smell of chlorine

-you think waterpolo players are more attractive than other people

-it is normal to get home later than 11pm, and your friends are always jealous of your curfew, but you are too tired to explain to them that you're not out partying, you're at the pool

-you prefer swimming in pools over oceans

-your summer hangout is the pool

-you have terrible bathingsuit tan during the summer

-you will never be caught at a puplic swim

-you resepct swimmers less than other people

-you dont think waterpolo hats are funny looking

-your breaststroke has gotten considerably worse and as frustrated as your summer swim coaches get, there is no hope for your backstroke

-your muscles hurt after a few days of not being in the water, especially your shoulders and knees

-you are extremely un-flexible

-when you lick yourself you taste like chlorine:)

-you get cap tans in the summer

-you get to know the lifeguards who give out ice pretty well:D

-you diss synchro ppl regularly

-you get kicked out of hotels for horsing around:D

-you find yourself needing therapy after tounaments on account of sexual assult

-you have been touched in places that normal people shouldn't touch

-you are at the pool more often than at home

-one arm is bigger than the other

-Your eyes are bloodshot from the chlorine and when you go to school, people constantly ask you, "Are you high?"

-You find yourself drawing out "man-ups" on a page in your math book when your supposed to be paying attention..sometimes you even try to explain it to someone.

-when u say u play waterpolo and someone even mentions horses, u get seriously angry and want to injure someone

-you find yourself explaining to ppl what the game is really about and why you have so many cut's briuses and choke marks, but usually they just stare at you in awe, probably thinking that they will think twice before playing volleyball in the pool

-ppl ask you why you have a hoarse voice after spending so much time in the water(you were "communicating" with your teammates)

-you think underwater hockey players are the lowest form of life amd look for any opportunity to get in a fight with one

-this only applies for girls but...
ppl who ask if you wear bikinis... you try to explain that a bikini would only get ripped off then when they give you demented looks, you laugh because the idea seems funny to you

you thought practice was long only to find out that the 'team talk' afterward is even longer than the actual practice

- you give a good, firm handshake to every opponent after a game and are appauled when playing another organized sport, that your opponents only slap your hand after the game

- giving wedgies to teammates on the pool deck will never get old.

- you perfectly understand everyone with a heavy, eastern-european accent because you've had to adapt to what your coach says, who indeed has a heavy, eastern-european accent

-you've probably gotten more kickouts then you should but secretly don't regret any of them because hey, that bitch deserved it

-you're 'slippery when wet' and you 'do it in the deep end'

- you know the reason why an hour before games you and your teamates lather yourselves with lotion :) ( its to be slippery in the water incase no one got

-butterfly is not a stroke, IT IS A PUNISHMENT

-you think going to training is more important than going to school.

-you hear "hahaha dont the horses drown?" and (when playing nubes) "ow your holding me!! why are u grabbing me?!" frequently

-whenever a new person comes to your team wearing a long bathing suit, you point, laugh, and show no mercy

-victoria rules/no rules will always have a special place in your heart.. especially when there are swimmers involved

-complete strangers may 'know' your body better than a non-waterpolo playing boyfriend/girlfriend

-you are a little too used to seeing rainbows around lights and cloudy vision

-when wearing two suits feels normal. And one just doesn't feel like it will hold.

-when you have seen your coach in a speedo and no one pressed charges

-When you say to someone "I play waterpolo...yeah its just like polo except we put the horses in the water" Then watching them think it over until you can't help but laugh at them.

-when one messes up, everyone suffers.

-when you get your suit pulled off and end up flashing everyone on the pool deck so much that it no longer phases you

-nothing compares to how potentially lazy you can be (THAT WOULD BE ME!!!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey everyone! Its almost time to see each other again! Here is Cat's newest e-mail. She sent to all the players, but she asked me to remind of you that after the meetings we are all getting pictures taken at the pyramid! Christina, Ashley and myself have to go as well to take the individual pictures.

Here is the e-mail:

Hi All Returners!!!! We are getting ready to start another fun and exciting school year.... So here is the plan for next week!!!

Tuesday Sept. 4 First Day of Class
Wednesday Sept. 5 Physicals or Email or Turn In Necessary Paperwork to Josh
Thursday Sept. 6 Team Meeting (ENTIRE TEAM)
3:30pm Meet @ Pool
3:45pm Meeting w/ MaryAnn Tripodi in Ukleija Rm
4:30pm Meeting w/ Robin Miramontes (our new academic advisor)
5:00pm Team Meeting
5:30pm Individual Photos for Media Guide in Pyramid
Friday Sept. 7 Meeting with Josh on Pool Deck 9-10am (ENTIRE TEAM)
Monday Sept. 10 Practice Begins 8-10am @ Pool

If you have any questions/concerns email me.... If you are going to be late let me know and you can just meet us at the Ukleija Rm..... Can't wait to see you all next week..... Ciao Cat

Catharine von Schwarz
Head Women's Water Polo Coach
Long Beach State University

Sunday, August 5, 2007

2007 RECAP

Alright, like I mentioned before, here is the video. I tried to put everyone in it. But I used the photos and videos I have on my computer so maybe it will not be the best picture of some of you... hehe

I had to cut part of it after it was ready because it was too big to upload here, soo the end is a little bit messed up, dont mind that

I miss you all so much and I cant believe Im not playing for Long Beach anymore...

ah... feel free to comment on this post. I really dont know if anyone check this blog.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ive been so lazy lately... Its vacation time!

I feel I need to keep working on my english because when I get back to school is not going to be easy...

This post to say (if anyone check this other than my mom and dad) Im working on a video with photos of each of us and some goals (and saves kim and morgie) we did during the season. It is almost ready and Ill be posting soon.

What else is new? hum... the sun is out again in Rio de Janeiro, the beach is just wonderful (as you can see in the pictures) and we stay most of our time there

oh yeah news: Cecilia just got back from jr worlds. Australia won, China (yes China!) in second, Hungary bronze and the United States fourth place. I think thats it for water polo news for this summer, now like I mentioned before is vacation time! ENJOY!

Monday, July 30, 2007


On the men´s side, United States beat Brazil on final game winning the spot in China 2008 as well. Tony Azevedo scored 4 goals and led the team to victory. Para, the goalkeeper of Brazil had a great games with impressive saves, he is 40 years old and played with my dad!

The photos are Tony with our Brazil flag and the Brazilian boys celebrating the silver medal.


The pictures are photos of me and my sisters at the Opening Ceremony. Simply AMAZING! Over 100,000 people singing and dancing and cheering for Brazil, the most ecxiting moment of the games in my opinion. More to come

First, I want to say I am sorry Ive been so busy and lazy to update our blog. But now I am on 100% vaca time and it is cold and rainy in Rio de Janeiro, so I am not at the beach...

I dont even know if anyone actually visit this blog, but I am going to try to update you people about water polo in the world. United States won one more international tournament and qualified for the Olympic Games in China next year. I am not happy to say we lost the bronze medal game to Cuba, we played probably our worst game of the last 4 years not converting 2 5 meters and 11 6 on 5!

Women's Schedule and Results
July 14

3:00 Game 1 CUB 13 vs PUR 12
4:30 Game 2 USA 21 vs VEN 3
6:00 Game 3 CAN 5 vs BRA 2

July 15

3:00 Game 4 PUR 5 vs CAN 14
4:30 Game 5 USA 14 vs CUB 6
6:00 Game 6 VEN 4 vs BRA 20

July 16

3:00 Game 7 CUB 8 vs VEN 9
4:30 Game 8 USA 10 vs CAN 8
6:00 Game 9 BRA 7 vs PUR 6

July 17

3:00 Game 10 VEN 10 vs PUR 11
4:30 Game 11 CUB 7 vs CAN 7
6:00 Game 12 USA 10 vs BRA 3

July 18

3:00 Game 13 USA 13 vs PUR 2
4:30 Game 14 CAN 25 vs VEN 3
6:00 Game 15 BRA 10 vs CUB 5

July 19

3:00 Game 16 PUR 13 vs VEN 7
4:30 Game 17 CAN 6 vs BRA 5 Semi-Final
6:00 Game 18 USA 16 vs CUB 3 Semi-Final

July 20

4:30 Game 19 BRA 5 vs CUB 6 Bronze
6:00 Game 20 USA 6 vs CAN 4 Gold

Sunday, July 8, 2007


The good idea of a blog is spreading out the US water polo community.

Here's a new website dedicated to information about all women's national teams..quick up to date info.
check it out....

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Patty scored 3 goals against China



SPAIN UPSETS AUSTRALIA 12-11 (3-4, 3-4, 3-2, 3-1)

SPAIN: Blanca Gil 4, Miriam Lopez-Escribano 2, Pilar Pena 2, Jennifer Pareja 1, Cristina Lopez 1, Ana Pardo 1, M. Carmen Garcia 1
AUS: Erin Douglass 3, Fiona Hammond 2, Kate Cynther 2, Katie Finucan 2, Suzie Fraser 1, Melissa Rippon 1

CANADA BEATS GREECE IN A SHOOT OUT 12-11 (0-0, 3-2, 2-3, 2-2, 4-5)

GRE: Angeliki Gerolymou 3, Evangelina Moraitidou 2, Stouroula Antonakou 1, Kyriaki Liosi 1
CAN: Emily Csikos 2, Cora Campbell 2, Dominique Perreault 1, Marina Radu 1, Krystina Alogbo 1

Pênaltis: Grécia 4 x 5 Canadá
GRE: Angeliki Gerolymou, Antigoni Roumpesi, Georgia Lara, Kyriaki Liosi
CAN: Emily Csikos 2, Allison Braden, Marina Radu, Kristina Alogbo


Team USA secured a spot in the World League Super Final with its 9-2 victory against China on Friday. The game started slowly with three United States shots striking the goalposts before Elsie Windes opened the scoring with 2:33 to go in the first quarter. China answered to take a 1-1 tie into the second quarter. The United States gained a comfortable halftime lead by outscoring China 3-0 in the second frame on goals by Erika Figge, Jessica Steffens and Patty Cardenas.

Lauren Wenger opened the second half scoring with a 6-on-5 goal assisted by Cardenas. Cardenas and Kami Craig found the net to extend the lead to 7-1 before China scored for a 7-2 third quarter count. Leading scorer Cardenas completed the hat trick early in the final frame and Steffens tacked on an insurance goal for the 9-2 result.

Betsey Armstrong played the first half in the goal for Team USA, turning away six shots, while Jamie Hipp recorded two saves in the second half.

The United States plays Greece Saturday in the final game of the round-robin, and will await its opponent in the championship game.

USA (9) vs. CHINA (2)

USA 1 3 3 2 = 9
CHN 1 0 1 0 = 2


Cardenas 3
Steffens 2
Windes 1
Wenger 1
Figge 1
Craig 1

Armstrong 6 Goal Saves
Hipp 2 Goal Saves



CANADA BEATS SPAIN IN CLOSE GAME 9-8 (3-2, 3-1, 1-4, 1-2)

SPAIN: Blanca GIL (4), Miriam LOPEZ-ESCRIBANO (2), Jennifer PAREJA (2),
CAN: Krystina ALOGBO (4), Dominique PERRAULT (2), Alison BRADEN (1), Tara CAMPBELL (2)

GREECE DEFEATS CHINA 12-7 (3-1, 2-1, 2-2, 5-3)

GRE: Angeliki Gerolymou 2, Sofia Iositidou 1, Kiriaki Liosi 2, Stauroula Kozompoli 2, Aikoitecini Oikonomopoulou 1, Antigoni Roumpesi 3 e Georgia Lara 1.
CHINA: Fei Teng 1, Yusun Sun 1, Jin He 1, Yi Wang 2, Huanhuan Ma 1 e Jia Yin Zhu 1.


On Day 2 of the FINA Women's World League Super Final, the United States took sole possession of first place in the standings with a 9-8 victory over Australia. Australia jumped out to an early 2-0 lead before Elsie Windes got Team USA on the board with a goal from long distance. Australia pushed its lead to 3-1 before Moriah van Norman made a strong move at center to pull her squad to 3-2 before the first quarter ended.

The teams traded goals in the second quarter, with Erika Figge and Alison Gregorka finding the net as the United States evened the score at 4-4 by halftime. In the third quarter, Gregorka put the USA ahead 5-4 with a counterattack goal. Goals by Brenda Villa, Lauren Wenger and Windes helped the United States enter the final frame ahead 8-7.

Heather Petri put her squad ahead 9-7 in the fourth and Team USA held on for the 9-8 final. 5-on-6 defense was the difference for the United States, which thwarted Australia on its final seven attempts with a player advantage.

The United States faces China Friday at 5:30 pm EST.

USA (9) vs. AUSTRALIA (8)

USA 2 2 4 1 = 9
AUS 3 1 3 1 = 8


Gregorka 2
Petri 1
Windes 2
Villa 1
van Norman 1
Wenger 1
Figge 1

Hipp 7 Goal Saves

Thursday, July 5, 2007


4 former Long Beach States players plus 2007 assistant coach and current player Cecilia Canetti will be playing the women's water polo tournament at the Pan American Games Rio 2007 starting next week. The Pan Am Games are the first qualifying for the Olympic Games. The winner will get the spot for Beijing 2008.

US team: 2007 assistant coach Heather Petri
Canada: Tara Campbell and Alison Braden
Brasil: Marina Canetti and Cecilia Canetti
Puerto Rico: Angelica Garcia

Women's Schedule and Results

July 14

3:00 Game 1 CUB vs PUR
4:30 Game 2 USA vs VEN
6:00 Game 3 CAN vs BRA

July 15

3:00 Game 4 PUR vs CAN
4:30 Game 5 USA vs CUB
6:00 Game 6 VEN vs BRA

July 16

3:00 Game 7 CUB vs VEN
4:30 Game 8 USA vs CAN
6:00 Game 9 BRA vs PUR

July 17

3:00 Game 10 VEN vs PUR
4:30 Game 11 CUB vs CAn
6:00 Game 12 USA vs BRA

July 18

3:00 Game 13 USA vs PUR
4:30 Game 14 CAN vs VEN
6:00 Game 15 BRA vs CUB

July 19

3:00 Game 16 5th Place vs 6th Place
4:00 Game 17 2nd vs 3rd Semi-Final
6:00 Game 18 1st vs 4th Semi-Final

July 20

4:30 Game 19 Loser Game 17 vs Loser Game 18 Bronze
6:00 Game 20 Winner Game 17 vs Winner Game 18 Gold

Men's Schedule and Results
Group A

CUB Group B

July 21

3:00 Game 1 CAN vs CUB
4:30 Game 2 MEX vs PUR
6:00 Game 3 ARG vs COL
7:30 Game 4 BRA vs USA

July 22

3:00 Game 5 CAN vs COL
4:30 Game 6 MEX vs USA
6:00 Game 7 ARG vs CUB
7:30 Game 8 BRA vs PUR

July 23

3:00 Game 9 USA vs PUR
4:30 Game 10 CUB vs COL
6:00 Game 11 CAN vs ARG
7:30 Game 12 BRA vs MEX

July 25

3:00 Game 13 4th A vs 3rd B
4:30 Game 14 3rd A vs 4th B
6:00 Game 15 1st A vs 2nd B Semi-Final
7:30 Game 16 2nd A vs 1st B Semi-Final

July 26

3:00 Game 17 Loser Game 13 vs Loser Game 14 7th Place
4:30 Game 18 Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14 5th Place
6:00 Game 19 Loser Game 15 vs Loser Game 16 3rd Place
7:30 Game 20 Winner Game 15 vs Winner Game 16 1st Place


Australia, USA and Canada win their first game. United States keeps the impressive good stats at 6 on 5 play, now scoring 8 out of 10 man-up opportunities.

Our coach Petie scored 2 goals to help the USA team to win.

Referees: Marie-Claude DESLIERES (CAN), Jaime MOLINER (ESP)
Quarters: 2-3, 1-3,1-0, 4-3

GREECE: Anthoula MYLONAKI, Alexandra ASIMAKI, Angeliki GEROLYMOU (2), Sofia IOSIFIDOU, Kyriaki LIOSI (1), Stavroula KOZOMPOLI (1), Aikaterini OIKONOMOPOULOU, Antigoni ROUMPESI (1), Evangelia MORAITIDOU (2), Nicoleta KOTSIDOU, Stavroula ANTONAKOU (1), Georgia LARA, Maria TSOURI. Head Coach: Kyriakos IOSIFIDIS.
AUSTRALIA: Victoria BROWN, Fiona HAMMOND, Lisa CALLAHAN, Jane MORAN (2), Suzie FRASER (3), Gemma HADLEY (1), Larissa WEBSTER, Kate GYNTHER (1), Erin DOUGLASS, Mia SANTOROMITO (1), Melissa RIPPON (1), Katie FINUCANE, Lea BARTA. Head Coach: Greg McFADDEN

Referees: Cristina TACCINI (ITA), WANG Yaqi (CHN)
Quarters: 1-2, 0-3, 1-4, 1-3

SPAIN: Patricia DEL SOTO, Blanca GIL (1), Cristina PARDO, Irene HAGEN, Miriam LOPEZ-ESCRIBANO, Jennifer PAREJA, Cristina LOPEZ, Anna PARDO, Pilar PENA, Samantha MIGUEL, Maria GARCIA (2), Laura LOPEZ, Elisabeth GAZULLA. Head Coach: Vicenc TARRES.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Heather PETRI (2), Erika FIGGE, Brenda VILLA (1), Lauren WENGER (2), Natalie GOLDA, Patricia CARDENAS (1), Jessica STEFFENS (3), Elsie WINDES (1), Alison GREGORKA, Moriah VAN NORMAN (1), Kameryn CRAIG (1), Jaime HIPP. Head Coach: Guy BAKER.

Game report from

World champion United States of America did as expected with a well-constructed win over Spain. The USA was always in control but stubborn Spanish resistance kept the rampant USA in check. Gazulla played goal for Spain, as captain Del Soto was ill but sat on the bench. Hipp guarded cage for USA.
The USA started strongly with an extra-man goal on the first attack thanks to captain Villa. Despite further assaults, the USA couldn’t capitalise for some time but Steffens rifled in a shot on extra at 3:50. Garcia played a magnificent lone hand in the dying seconds when smothered by two players at centre forward. She held the ball, turned in two motions and scored into the bottom right.
Spain didn’t get a look in during the second quarter with the USA consolidating. The goals didn’t come that easy though with Van Norman on extra at centre forward, Cardenas from the top, also on extra, and Wenger with a superb goal. The best player at the Melbourne World Championships, Wenger stole the ball at the five-metre line, sprinted upfield and scored for 5-1 at 3:06. The USA hit the post several times but no further goal came by halftime.
The third period was a flurry of activity. Pareja had a chance to narrow the gap but her penalty shot hit the right post. Petri walked in to five metres to score for 6-1. Gil, the highest goal-scorer in Melbourne, gained her first of the series with a penalty at 4:47. Petri claimed a second goal from the top, as did Wenger on extra from deep right-hand catch. Windes wound up from eight metres in the last second to score on the hooter for 9-2.
Craig opened the fourth on extra for the USA and Garcia responded for Spain after a tactical timeout. Nineteen-year-old Steffens plastered the goal twice on extra with the second coming off the far upright from her deep-left shooting position.

Vicenc TARRES (ESP): “I am not disappointed (with the result) as we have only been together for a few days. We are using this tournament as a preparation for the Olympics and European Championships, playing against the stronger teams. In all these games we learn something. We know we can play this level of game and we are improving all the time.”
Guy BAKER (USA): “They scored one from 10 and we scored eight from 10 (on extra). For the most part it was good but we turned the ball over 11 times in the first half. We haven’t played Spain since the World Championships and they have a new coach. We were curious to see what they were doing. You have to play all styles… it was interesting to see how we reacted.”

Referees: Vasiliou NIKOSS (GRE), Yesenia MARRERO (PUR)
Quarters: 1-3, 0-3, 1-4, 3-3

CHINA: YANG Jun, TENG Fei, SUN Yujun (1), HE Jin (1), SUN Yating, GAO Ao, MO Fengmin, WANG Yi (1), MA Huanhuan (1), SUN Huizi, TAN Ying, QIAO Leiying (1), ZHU Jiayi. Head Coach: PAN Shengwa.
CANADA: Rachel RIDDELL, Krystina ALOGBO (3), Sandra LIZÉ (1), Emily CSIKOS, Joelle BEKHAZI (1), Rosanna TOMIUK, Cora CAMPBELL, Dominique PERRAULT (1), Alison BRADEN (1), Christine ROBINSON (3), Tara CAMPBELL, Marina RADU (3), Whynther LAMARRE, Jenna CROOK. Head Coach: Pat OATEN.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Heather Petri scored 3 goals on the first game


GAME 1. In the first rematch of the March FINA World Championships gold-medal final, the champion United States of America retained their dominance over Australia in a friendly women´s water polo international match. Playing at Golden West College, the world´s two best teams fought strongly in a lead-up to next week´s World League Super Finals in Montreal, Canada with the North Americans winning 16-10. Great game for the centers of the Unites States Kami Craig (USC) and Moriah van Norman (former USC). Our assistant coach, Heather Petri had a great game scoring 3 goals as well.


International women´s series, Los Angeles, USA: Day 1: USA 16 (Petri 3, van Norman 3, Craig 3, Hayes 2, Figge, Wenger, Cardenas, Windes, Grego) Australia 10 (G Hadley 5, K Finucane, S Fraser 2, L Webster).

GAME 2. The Aussie Stingers lost a second women´s water polo match to world champion United States of America going down 13-7. Great 6 on 5 atack for the North Americans that made 9 of their 10 extra man players opportunities.

The series is being used as a warm-up to the FINA World League Super Finals
in Montreal, Canada, starting on Wednesday, local time.

2006/2007 REVIEW

Overall Record: 8-19
MPSF Record: 3-9 (10th place)
MPSF Tournament Finish: 8th place
Final National Ranking: 13th
MPSF All-Freshman Team: Cecilia Canetti
AWPCA: Marina Canetti, Honorable Mention All-America
MPSF All-Academic Team: Marina Canetti, Kim Hayes, Keala O’Sullivan, Dayna Wawrzynski

Thursday, June 7, 2007


If you are in Long Beach now during summer, you guys need to be kinda training! So I am just letting you know that Shore have practices monday and wednesday at 7pm to 9pm and I believe tuesday and thursday the boys have practices at the same time at our pool, Long Beach State Jeff Neshmith is coaching them, and he said they will appreciate if you guys show up! And it is a nice way to kinda get in shape or stay in shape during summer and not dying at the gym!

Also Ill be in Long Beach next week with the Brazilian National Team. We are gonna have several scrimages and you guys are welcome to come and play polo! Ill post details later.

Miss you all

Marina Canetti #4

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Marina Canetti was named All Americans honorable mention for the first time in her senior year. The list was released June 1st.


First Team

Kelly Rulon University of California, Los Angeles
Erika Figge University of Southern California
Katie Hansen Stanford University
Emily Feher University of California, Los Angeles
Kami Craig University of Southern California
Jillian Kraus University of California, Los Angeles
Christina Hewko Stanford University

Second Team

Courtney Mathewson University of California, Los Angeles
Meridith McColl Stanford University
Patty Cardenas University of Southern California
Alison Gregorka Stanford University
Kristy Bagnall University of Hawaii
Brittany Hayes University of Southern California
Stacy Werner San Diego State University

Third Team

Meike De Nooy University of Hawaii
Kacy Kunkel University of California, Los Angeles
Stacia Peterson Loyola Marymount University
Kelly Mason University of Hawaii
Lauren Silver Stanford University
Anna Gonzalez San Diego State University
Beth Harberts San Jose State University

Honorable Mention

Kirsten Hudson Hartwick College
Robyn Kaake University of California, Irvine
Katherine O'Rourke University of California, Davis
Addison Doud Arizona State University
Jenna Schuster San Diego State University
Elsie Windes University of California, Berkeley
Gabrielle Domanic University of California, Los Angeles
Allison Brookes California State University, Northridge
Shana Welch University of Michigan
Elyse Colgan Princeton University
Brittany Rowe University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Balassone Brown University

Player of the
Kelly Rulon University of California, Los Angeles
Coach of the
Adam Krikorian University of California, Los Angeles

Sunday, June 3, 2007


4 Girls on our team achieved 3.0 or better GPA and were selected to the Academic All-MPSF


Marina Canetti Senior 3.36 2-Meter Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Univ. of Rio de Janeiro
Kim Hayes Senior 3.08 Goalie Westminster, CA / Long Beach CC Geography
Keala O’Sullivan Sophomore 3.48 Utility Waimanalo, HI / Kamehameha HS Undeclared
Dayna Wawrzynski Junior 3.07 2-Meter Garden Grove / Los Alamitos HS Child Development


Friday, May 25, 2007


Some good moments of our season...

Part One...

Part Two...

I love it!



Thursday, May 24, 2007


Ha Look at this video I found that shows images under the water in a game between Hungary and Canada!

Monday, May 21, 2007


You know when we had to wake up very early to practice? Yeah we dont have to do it anymore, season is over! But... Yeah I have to do it to make sure the day in longer and I will have time to finish all my papers and studying! In between, I decided to write this post to wish everyone a GOOD WEEK OF FINALS and then a GREAT AND FUN SUMMER!!


Marina Canetti

Friday, May 18, 2007


TEAM, Have a fun day!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



strong girls

Here is the e-mail if you want to contact Christopher for the pictures.

The Banquet was so nice!!! Thank all the people responsible for this season it was the BEST!! And sorry that I cried so much I barely made sense on my speech. :)

Send me pictures from the Banquet if you have please!

Cindy kept my video and Andrea Winchell's video to put together in 1 dvd and make copies for us!

Study hard and be ready for friday fun day!!


The blog el cuervo keeps producing really cool videos about water polo. This one I wanna try sometime haha, very impressive...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


BANQUET SET FOR MAY 16LONG BEACH, CA-- The women's water polo team banquet will be on May 16 starting at 7 p.m. at the Reef in Long Beach (880 S. Harbor Scenic).

Tickets are $40 per person and player sponsorship is $30.

Please email for more information.
Directions from school (from directions):

Show Turn by Turn Maps
Start at 1250 N BELLFLOWER BLVD, LONG BEACH going toward E STATE UNIVERSITY DR - go 0.5 mi
Make a Hard Turn on E PACIFIC COAST HWY - go 0.1 mi
Bear on E 7TH ST - go 3.3 mi
Turn on ALAMITOS AVE - go 0.6 mi
Continue on SHORELINE DR - go 1.0 mi
Turn on QUEENSWAY - go 0.2 mi
Continue on QUEENSWAY BAY - go 0.3 mi
Take ramp toward PIERS H J/QUEEN MARY - go 0.2 mi
Turn on HARBOR PLZ - go 0.5 mi
Turn on a local road - go 0.1 mi
Arrive at 880 S HARBOR SCENIC DR, LONG BEACH, on the
When using any driving directions or map, it's a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the road still exists, watch out for construction, and follow all traffic safety precautions. This is only to be used as an aid in planning.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Goog Job Girls on working at NCAA! Exciting huh? So, work hard so next time you will be playing and not watching!

Sunday, May 13
Game 9: Wagner 6 vs.Pomona 7 (7th place game)
Pomona and Wagner played a very evenly match game, with Pomona and Wagner trading goals thoughout the game. However Pomona were able to estbalish an 2 goal cushion at start of the 2nd quarter and were able to maintain at least a 1 goal cushion through the game. It was not quite the fairy tale ending Wagner were hoping for, despite the enterprising play and enthuisasm they added to this years tournament.
Billy Hoelck,Junior summed it up best "I'm really dissapointed in how we ended today, we wanted to win at least 1 game at NCAA's and finish higher than we were seeding."
Wagner Head coach Patrick Boomer although dissapointed at todays result was oppimistic about the future, "We have the capacity with our remaining players & incoming players to be back here next year." - Ryan Castle
Game 10: LMU 12 vs. Hartwick 13 (5th place game)
In the first upset of the NCAA tournament, Hartwick stages an 8-1 comeback to win a game that LMU thought belonged to them. The opening quarter was an entirely LMU dominated affair, with goals from everywhere. LMU #4 Dora Szabolsci was a real offensive threat throughout the game, but in the opening half she was the player to watch.LMU's determination withered in the second half when the Hartwick girls found renewed enthuisasm and passion, particularly on the counter attack and Hartwick Head Coach Alan Hutkins was able to motivate his girls to a seemingly impossible comeback. - Ryan Castle
Game 11: San Diego State 6 vs vs USC 13 (3rd place game)
Despite the scoreline, this was a very close game, in which USC were only able to create a big score seperation in the 4th quarter. Throughtout the game USC would go 3-5 goals ahead, and the the Aztecs would fight back within 2. The Aztecs were able to push the trojans in part to Jenna Shuster, who seemed to be the spark in the Aztec team. However the Trojan man power and well structured offensive and defensive patterns were sufficient enough to create the opportunities needed to secure the bronze medal. - Ryan Castle
Game 12:Stanford 4 vs.UCLA 5 (Championship game)
The UCLA Bruins won their third NCAA in a row thanks to 3 Courtney Mathewson goals. In similar fashion to the MPSF final, the UCLA bruins were effective at eliminating Stanfords most effective weapon - their counter attack. Overall the game was a tough encounter that came down to effective outside shooting.
UCLA jumped to 2-0 lead courtesy of 2 great outside shots by Gillian Kraus and Courtney Mathewson. Kraus scored her second and UCLA's third early in the second quarter, and it wasnt until Lauren Silver scored late did Stanford get a point on the board.
Courtney Mathewson added her second goal of the day, late in the third quater to give the Bruins a 4-1 lead going into the fourth quarter. However Stanford's Lauren Silver hit back early with 2 goals to bring Stanford within 1 goal at 4-3 in favor of the bruins. Mathewson however stepped up again to score a crucial goal giving UCLA a 5-3 lead. Stanford were able to pull backa goal, but UCLA were able to hold on and win the NCAA championship. - Ryan Castle

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moms water polo

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Team of Moms that I coach in Long Beach!!! They are amazing, I wish I 'll be just like them when I get their age! Can you immagine to play polo unitl you are 50 or 60?!?!
They practice every Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 8:30 at the LB pool and on June 8, 9 and 10 they will be playing the Masters tournament in Irvine!

Cecilia Canetti

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Today is Morgan's birthday and we wish her a happy happy birthday!

Monday, May 7, 2007

NCAAs Schedule

In case you didnt get Cat's e-mail here is the schedule for this weekend!

2007 NCAA Water Polo Championships
LB State Women’s Water Polo Volunteer Schedule

•Thursday May 10, 2007
Banquet 5:30-10pm (Total:4)
Megan Winchell // Christina Wensman // Dayna Wawrzynski // Rachelle

•Friday May 11, 2007
12:00-2:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Ashley Heaslip // Kim Hayes // Cecilia Canetti // Cory Winther //
Marina Canetti
2:00-4:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Andrea Angstadt // Tiffany Coles // Sarah Steadman // Geraldine Di
Tomasso // Brittany Thornback
4:00-6:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Kalina Houck // Keala O’Sullivan // Morgan Bishop // Patricia
Antonopoulos // Kelly Perryman
6:00-8:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Kalina Houck // Keala O’Sullivan // Patricia Antonopoulos // Kelly
Perryman // Branwyn Lee

•Saturday May 12, 2007
12:00-2:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Bex Gentner // Cory Winther // Kate Trujillo // Branwyn Lee // Briana
2:00-4:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Briana Delfin // Bex Gentner // Cecilia Canetti // Patricia
Antonopoulos //
Marina Canetti
4:00-6:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Cecilia Canetti // Patricia Antonopoulos // Morgan Bishop // Tiffany
Coles // Sarah Steadman
6:00-8:00pm (Total: 5 Girls)
Andrea Angstadt // Tiffany Coles // Sarah Steadman // Geraldine Di
Tomasso // Brittany Thornback

•Sunday May 13, 2007
10:30-2:00pm (Total: 10 Girls)
Kim Hayes // Bex Gentner // Megan Winchell // Christina Wensman //
Ashley Heaslip // Dayna Wawrzynski // Rachelle Denaro // Morgan Bishop //
Cecilia Canetti // Marina Canetti
2:00-4:00pm (Total: 10 Girls)
Megan Winchell // Christina Wensman // Ashley Heaslip // Dayna
Wawrzynski // Rachelle Denaro // Kate Trujillo // Kim Hayes // Andrea
Angstadt //
Geraldine Di Tomasso // Brittany Thornback
4:00-6:00pm (Total: 10 Girls)
Briana Delfin // Kalina Houck // Keala O’Sullivan // Branwyn Lee //
Kelly Perryman // Tiffany Coles // Sarah Steadman // Morgan Bishop // Cory
Winther // Kate Trujillo
6:00-8:00pm (Total: 10 Girls)
Cory Winther // Kate Trujillo // Briana Delfin // Kalina Houck // Keala
O’Sullivan // Branwyn Lee // Kelly Perryman // Geraldine Di Tomasso //
Brittany Thornback // Dayna Wawrzynski

Remember Polos and nice shorts/skirts/pants

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Melbourne 2007

I made this video with my camera during the semi-final Croatia and Serbia at World Championships in Melbourne. It is not very good because I was trying to watch the game and film at the same time, but I just wanted to share the emotions, the crazy fans, the game...

Marina Canetti

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Just got this e-mail from Petie:
Hey, This is a link to the photos that were taken during our game against Santa Barbara. There are about 20. Some look fun. Just thought you might want to take a look. The photographer was Damon Williams.


Hey girls season is over! Congrats to all of us on that Cal game. It felt so good that we were able to bring it together and win as a team that Cat always wanted us to do!
Im gonna miss Long Beach State so much!!!

Remember tomorrow we have a meeting with the coaches at the pool at 2pm and then right after we will have our meeting! Dont forget the money!

I miss you all already!

See you there

Marina Canetti

MPSF Final Results

2007 MPSF Women’s Water Polo Championship at Arizona State University

THURSDAY, April 26
First-round bye seeds #1 Stanford, #2 UCLA, #3 USC
GAME 1 10:00 AM #4 Hawai’i 22, #13 Pacific 8
GAME 2 11:20 AM #5 San Diego St 13, #12 UC Santa Barbara 11
GAME 3 12:40 PM #6 San Jose St 12, #11 CS Northridge 9
GAME 4 2:00 PM #10 Long Beach St 12, #7 California 9
GAME 5 3:20 PM #9 UC Irvine 13, #8 Arizona State 12

FRIDAY, April 27
GAME 6 10:00 AM UC Santa Barbara 14, Pacific 10
GAME 7 11:20 AM Stanford 17, UC Irvine 5
GAME 8 12:40 PM UCLA 17, Long Beach State 5
GAME 9 2:00 PM USC 14, San Jose State 4
GAME 10 3:20 PM Hawai’i 19, San Diego State 12

SATURDAY, April 28
GAME 11 9:00 AM Arizona State 10, UC Santa Barbara 9
GAME 12 10:20 AM California 14, CS Northridge 10
GAME 13 11:40 AM San Diego State 10, UC Irvine 9 (OT)
GAME 14 1:00 PM San Jose State 15, Long Beach State 12
GAME 15 2:20 PM Stanford 16, Hawai’i 10
GAME 16 3:40 PM UCLA 10, USC 9

SUNDAY, April 29
GAME 17 9:00 AM CS Northridge 11, UC Santa Barbara 6 11th Place Game
GAME 18 10:20 AM California 9, Arizona State 8 9th Place Game
GAME 19 11:40 AM UC Irvine 15, Long Beach State 10 7th Place Game
GAME 20 1:00 PM San Diego State 10, San Jose 6 5th Place Game
GAME 21 2:20 PM USC 14, Hawai’i 7 3rd Place Game
GAME 22 3:40 PM *UCLA 9, Stanford 3 Championship Game

*UCLA wins the 2007 MPSF Women’s Water Polo Championship and the Federation’s NCAA automatic qualifier to the 2007 NCAA National Collegiate Women’s Water Polo Championship, May 10-12, at USA Water Polo’s Los Alamitos National Training Center; hosted by Long Beach State.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Proud Coach , by Heather Petri

I spent the weekend in Arizona. I'm the assistant coach for Long Beach State. We played our best game of the season on Friday upsetting the #7 seed at the conference tournament. It was a great game for the girls and I am very proud of them.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here are my impressions of water polo in Arizona. #1. It is too damn hot here. A person should not feel like they are wearing a wet diaper once they are over the age of 3. #2 I believe that the original name of Pheonix, Arizona was hell, before they changed it to the name of a bird that bursts into flames. #3 Freak dust storms that cause delays in the games make it a terrible place to hold a water polo tournament.

Saturday, April 28, 2007