Monday, July 30, 2007


On the men´s side, United States beat Brazil on final game winning the spot in China 2008 as well. Tony Azevedo scored 4 goals and led the team to victory. Para, the goalkeeper of Brazil had a great games with impressive saves, he is 40 years old and played with my dad!

The photos are Tony with our Brazil flag and the Brazilian boys celebrating the silver medal.


The pictures are photos of me and my sisters at the Opening Ceremony. Simply AMAZING! Over 100,000 people singing and dancing and cheering for Brazil, the most ecxiting moment of the games in my opinion. More to come

First, I want to say I am sorry Ive been so busy and lazy to update our blog. But now I am on 100% vaca time and it is cold and rainy in Rio de Janeiro, so I am not at the beach...

I dont even know if anyone actually visit this blog, but I am going to try to update you people about water polo in the world. United States won one more international tournament and qualified for the Olympic Games in China next year. I am not happy to say we lost the bronze medal game to Cuba, we played probably our worst game of the last 4 years not converting 2 5 meters and 11 6 on 5!

Women's Schedule and Results
July 14

3:00 Game 1 CUB 13 vs PUR 12
4:30 Game 2 USA 21 vs VEN 3
6:00 Game 3 CAN 5 vs BRA 2

July 15

3:00 Game 4 PUR 5 vs CAN 14
4:30 Game 5 USA 14 vs CUB 6
6:00 Game 6 VEN 4 vs BRA 20

July 16

3:00 Game 7 CUB 8 vs VEN 9
4:30 Game 8 USA 10 vs CAN 8
6:00 Game 9 BRA 7 vs PUR 6

July 17

3:00 Game 10 VEN 10 vs PUR 11
4:30 Game 11 CUB 7 vs CAN 7
6:00 Game 12 USA 10 vs BRA 3

July 18

3:00 Game 13 USA 13 vs PUR 2
4:30 Game 14 CAN 25 vs VEN 3
6:00 Game 15 BRA 10 vs CUB 5

July 19

3:00 Game 16 PUR 13 vs VEN 7
4:30 Game 17 CAN 6 vs BRA 5 Semi-Final
6:00 Game 18 USA 16 vs CUB 3 Semi-Final

July 20

4:30 Game 19 BRA 5 vs CUB 6 Bronze
6:00 Game 20 USA 6 vs CAN 4 Gold

Sunday, July 8, 2007


The good idea of a blog is spreading out the US water polo community.

Here's a new website dedicated to information about all women's national teams..quick up to date info.
check it out....

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Patty scored 3 goals against China



SPAIN UPSETS AUSTRALIA 12-11 (3-4, 3-4, 3-2, 3-1)

SPAIN: Blanca Gil 4, Miriam Lopez-Escribano 2, Pilar Pena 2, Jennifer Pareja 1, Cristina Lopez 1, Ana Pardo 1, M. Carmen Garcia 1
AUS: Erin Douglass 3, Fiona Hammond 2, Kate Cynther 2, Katie Finucan 2, Suzie Fraser 1, Melissa Rippon 1

CANADA BEATS GREECE IN A SHOOT OUT 12-11 (0-0, 3-2, 2-3, 2-2, 4-5)

GRE: Angeliki Gerolymou 3, Evangelina Moraitidou 2, Stouroula Antonakou 1, Kyriaki Liosi 1
CAN: Emily Csikos 2, Cora Campbell 2, Dominique Perreault 1, Marina Radu 1, Krystina Alogbo 1

Pênaltis: Grécia 4 x 5 Canadá
GRE: Angeliki Gerolymou, Antigoni Roumpesi, Georgia Lara, Kyriaki Liosi
CAN: Emily Csikos 2, Allison Braden, Marina Radu, Kristina Alogbo


Team USA secured a spot in the World League Super Final with its 9-2 victory against China on Friday. The game started slowly with three United States shots striking the goalposts before Elsie Windes opened the scoring with 2:33 to go in the first quarter. China answered to take a 1-1 tie into the second quarter. The United States gained a comfortable halftime lead by outscoring China 3-0 in the second frame on goals by Erika Figge, Jessica Steffens and Patty Cardenas.

Lauren Wenger opened the second half scoring with a 6-on-5 goal assisted by Cardenas. Cardenas and Kami Craig found the net to extend the lead to 7-1 before China scored for a 7-2 third quarter count. Leading scorer Cardenas completed the hat trick early in the final frame and Steffens tacked on an insurance goal for the 9-2 result.

Betsey Armstrong played the first half in the goal for Team USA, turning away six shots, while Jamie Hipp recorded two saves in the second half.

The United States plays Greece Saturday in the final game of the round-robin, and will await its opponent in the championship game.

USA (9) vs. CHINA (2)

USA 1 3 3 2 = 9
CHN 1 0 1 0 = 2


Cardenas 3
Steffens 2
Windes 1
Wenger 1
Figge 1
Craig 1

Armstrong 6 Goal Saves
Hipp 2 Goal Saves



CANADA BEATS SPAIN IN CLOSE GAME 9-8 (3-2, 3-1, 1-4, 1-2)

SPAIN: Blanca GIL (4), Miriam LOPEZ-ESCRIBANO (2), Jennifer PAREJA (2),
CAN: Krystina ALOGBO (4), Dominique PERRAULT (2), Alison BRADEN (1), Tara CAMPBELL (2)

GREECE DEFEATS CHINA 12-7 (3-1, 2-1, 2-2, 5-3)

GRE: Angeliki Gerolymou 2, Sofia Iositidou 1, Kiriaki Liosi 2, Stauroula Kozompoli 2, Aikoitecini Oikonomopoulou 1, Antigoni Roumpesi 3 e Georgia Lara 1.
CHINA: Fei Teng 1, Yusun Sun 1, Jin He 1, Yi Wang 2, Huanhuan Ma 1 e Jia Yin Zhu 1.


On Day 2 of the FINA Women's World League Super Final, the United States took sole possession of first place in the standings with a 9-8 victory over Australia. Australia jumped out to an early 2-0 lead before Elsie Windes got Team USA on the board with a goal from long distance. Australia pushed its lead to 3-1 before Moriah van Norman made a strong move at center to pull her squad to 3-2 before the first quarter ended.

The teams traded goals in the second quarter, with Erika Figge and Alison Gregorka finding the net as the United States evened the score at 4-4 by halftime. In the third quarter, Gregorka put the USA ahead 5-4 with a counterattack goal. Goals by Brenda Villa, Lauren Wenger and Windes helped the United States enter the final frame ahead 8-7.

Heather Petri put her squad ahead 9-7 in the fourth and Team USA held on for the 9-8 final. 5-on-6 defense was the difference for the United States, which thwarted Australia on its final seven attempts with a player advantage.

The United States faces China Friday at 5:30 pm EST.

USA (9) vs. AUSTRALIA (8)

USA 2 2 4 1 = 9
AUS 3 1 3 1 = 8


Gregorka 2
Petri 1
Windes 2
Villa 1
van Norman 1
Wenger 1
Figge 1

Hipp 7 Goal Saves

Thursday, July 5, 2007


4 former Long Beach States players plus 2007 assistant coach and current player Cecilia Canetti will be playing the women's water polo tournament at the Pan American Games Rio 2007 starting next week. The Pan Am Games are the first qualifying for the Olympic Games. The winner will get the spot for Beijing 2008.

US team: 2007 assistant coach Heather Petri
Canada: Tara Campbell and Alison Braden
Brasil: Marina Canetti and Cecilia Canetti
Puerto Rico: Angelica Garcia

Women's Schedule and Results

July 14

3:00 Game 1 CUB vs PUR
4:30 Game 2 USA vs VEN
6:00 Game 3 CAN vs BRA

July 15

3:00 Game 4 PUR vs CAN
4:30 Game 5 USA vs CUB
6:00 Game 6 VEN vs BRA

July 16

3:00 Game 7 CUB vs VEN
4:30 Game 8 USA vs CAN
6:00 Game 9 BRA vs PUR

July 17

3:00 Game 10 VEN vs PUR
4:30 Game 11 CUB vs CAn
6:00 Game 12 USA vs BRA

July 18

3:00 Game 13 USA vs PUR
4:30 Game 14 CAN vs VEN
6:00 Game 15 BRA vs CUB

July 19

3:00 Game 16 5th Place vs 6th Place
4:00 Game 17 2nd vs 3rd Semi-Final
6:00 Game 18 1st vs 4th Semi-Final

July 20

4:30 Game 19 Loser Game 17 vs Loser Game 18 Bronze
6:00 Game 20 Winner Game 17 vs Winner Game 18 Gold

Men's Schedule and Results
Group A

CUB Group B

July 21

3:00 Game 1 CAN vs CUB
4:30 Game 2 MEX vs PUR
6:00 Game 3 ARG vs COL
7:30 Game 4 BRA vs USA

July 22

3:00 Game 5 CAN vs COL
4:30 Game 6 MEX vs USA
6:00 Game 7 ARG vs CUB
7:30 Game 8 BRA vs PUR

July 23

3:00 Game 9 USA vs PUR
4:30 Game 10 CUB vs COL
6:00 Game 11 CAN vs ARG
7:30 Game 12 BRA vs MEX

July 25

3:00 Game 13 4th A vs 3rd B
4:30 Game 14 3rd A vs 4th B
6:00 Game 15 1st A vs 2nd B Semi-Final
7:30 Game 16 2nd A vs 1st B Semi-Final

July 26

3:00 Game 17 Loser Game 13 vs Loser Game 14 7th Place
4:30 Game 18 Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14 5th Place
6:00 Game 19 Loser Game 15 vs Loser Game 16 3rd Place
7:30 Game 20 Winner Game 15 vs Winner Game 16 1st Place


Australia, USA and Canada win their first game. United States keeps the impressive good stats at 6 on 5 play, now scoring 8 out of 10 man-up opportunities.

Our coach Petie scored 2 goals to help the USA team to win.

Referees: Marie-Claude DESLIERES (CAN), Jaime MOLINER (ESP)
Quarters: 2-3, 1-3,1-0, 4-3

GREECE: Anthoula MYLONAKI, Alexandra ASIMAKI, Angeliki GEROLYMOU (2), Sofia IOSIFIDOU, Kyriaki LIOSI (1), Stavroula KOZOMPOLI (1), Aikaterini OIKONOMOPOULOU, Antigoni ROUMPESI (1), Evangelia MORAITIDOU (2), Nicoleta KOTSIDOU, Stavroula ANTONAKOU (1), Georgia LARA, Maria TSOURI. Head Coach: Kyriakos IOSIFIDIS.
AUSTRALIA: Victoria BROWN, Fiona HAMMOND, Lisa CALLAHAN, Jane MORAN (2), Suzie FRASER (3), Gemma HADLEY (1), Larissa WEBSTER, Kate GYNTHER (1), Erin DOUGLASS, Mia SANTOROMITO (1), Melissa RIPPON (1), Katie FINUCANE, Lea BARTA. Head Coach: Greg McFADDEN

Referees: Cristina TACCINI (ITA), WANG Yaqi (CHN)
Quarters: 1-2, 0-3, 1-4, 1-3

SPAIN: Patricia DEL SOTO, Blanca GIL (1), Cristina PARDO, Irene HAGEN, Miriam LOPEZ-ESCRIBANO, Jennifer PAREJA, Cristina LOPEZ, Anna PARDO, Pilar PENA, Samantha MIGUEL, Maria GARCIA (2), Laura LOPEZ, Elisabeth GAZULLA. Head Coach: Vicenc TARRES.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Heather PETRI (2), Erika FIGGE, Brenda VILLA (1), Lauren WENGER (2), Natalie GOLDA, Patricia CARDENAS (1), Jessica STEFFENS (3), Elsie WINDES (1), Alison GREGORKA, Moriah VAN NORMAN (1), Kameryn CRAIG (1), Jaime HIPP. Head Coach: Guy BAKER.

Game report from

World champion United States of America did as expected with a well-constructed win over Spain. The USA was always in control but stubborn Spanish resistance kept the rampant USA in check. Gazulla played goal for Spain, as captain Del Soto was ill but sat on the bench. Hipp guarded cage for USA.
The USA started strongly with an extra-man goal on the first attack thanks to captain Villa. Despite further assaults, the USA couldn’t capitalise for some time but Steffens rifled in a shot on extra at 3:50. Garcia played a magnificent lone hand in the dying seconds when smothered by two players at centre forward. She held the ball, turned in two motions and scored into the bottom right.
Spain didn’t get a look in during the second quarter with the USA consolidating. The goals didn’t come that easy though with Van Norman on extra at centre forward, Cardenas from the top, also on extra, and Wenger with a superb goal. The best player at the Melbourne World Championships, Wenger stole the ball at the five-metre line, sprinted upfield and scored for 5-1 at 3:06. The USA hit the post several times but no further goal came by halftime.
The third period was a flurry of activity. Pareja had a chance to narrow the gap but her penalty shot hit the right post. Petri walked in to five metres to score for 6-1. Gil, the highest goal-scorer in Melbourne, gained her first of the series with a penalty at 4:47. Petri claimed a second goal from the top, as did Wenger on extra from deep right-hand catch. Windes wound up from eight metres in the last second to score on the hooter for 9-2.
Craig opened the fourth on extra for the USA and Garcia responded for Spain after a tactical timeout. Nineteen-year-old Steffens plastered the goal twice on extra with the second coming off the far upright from her deep-left shooting position.

Vicenc TARRES (ESP): “I am not disappointed (with the result) as we have only been together for a few days. We are using this tournament as a preparation for the Olympics and European Championships, playing against the stronger teams. In all these games we learn something. We know we can play this level of game and we are improving all the time.”
Guy BAKER (USA): “They scored one from 10 and we scored eight from 10 (on extra). For the most part it was good but we turned the ball over 11 times in the first half. We haven’t played Spain since the World Championships and they have a new coach. We were curious to see what they were doing. You have to play all styles… it was interesting to see how we reacted.”

Referees: Vasiliou NIKOSS (GRE), Yesenia MARRERO (PUR)
Quarters: 1-3, 0-3, 1-4, 3-3

CHINA: YANG Jun, TENG Fei, SUN Yujun (1), HE Jin (1), SUN Yating, GAO Ao, MO Fengmin, WANG Yi (1), MA Huanhuan (1), SUN Huizi, TAN Ying, QIAO Leiying (1), ZHU Jiayi. Head Coach: PAN Shengwa.
CANADA: Rachel RIDDELL, Krystina ALOGBO (3), Sandra LIZÉ (1), Emily CSIKOS, Joelle BEKHAZI (1), Rosanna TOMIUK, Cora CAMPBELL, Dominique PERRAULT (1), Alison BRADEN (1), Christine ROBINSON (3), Tara CAMPBELL, Marina RADU (3), Whynther LAMARRE, Jenna CROOK. Head Coach: Pat OATEN.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Heather Petri scored 3 goals on the first game


GAME 1. In the first rematch of the March FINA World Championships gold-medal final, the champion United States of America retained their dominance over Australia in a friendly women´s water polo international match. Playing at Golden West College, the world´s two best teams fought strongly in a lead-up to next week´s World League Super Finals in Montreal, Canada with the North Americans winning 16-10. Great game for the centers of the Unites States Kami Craig (USC) and Moriah van Norman (former USC). Our assistant coach, Heather Petri had a great game scoring 3 goals as well.


International women´s series, Los Angeles, USA: Day 1: USA 16 (Petri 3, van Norman 3, Craig 3, Hayes 2, Figge, Wenger, Cardenas, Windes, Grego) Australia 10 (G Hadley 5, K Finucane, S Fraser 2, L Webster).

GAME 2. The Aussie Stingers lost a second women´s water polo match to world champion United States of America going down 13-7. Great 6 on 5 atack for the North Americans that made 9 of their 10 extra man players opportunities.

The series is being used as a warm-up to the FINA World League Super Finals
in Montreal, Canada, starting on Wednesday, local time.

2006/2007 REVIEW

Overall Record: 8-19
MPSF Record: 3-9 (10th place)
MPSF Tournament Finish: 8th place
Final National Ranking: 13th
MPSF All-Freshman Team: Cecilia Canetti
AWPCA: Marina Canetti, Honorable Mention All-America
MPSF All-Academic Team: Marina Canetti, Kim Hayes, Keala O’Sullivan, Dayna Wawrzynski