Friday, August 31, 2007


I found that on facebook and thought it has some very funny points...

If you have more to add to that, let us know!!

You know you're a waterpolo player when..
-you smell like chlorine 24 7 even after taking showers

-you rarely shower at home

-you are used to doing homework in the car

-you make more gay jokes than you should

-you aren't repulsed by speedos, you actually like them and find them more convenient than those baggy trunks some people wear

-you are not disturbed by the thought of deck changing and you think it's an efficient way to save some time

-you are constantly annoyed by people who think waterpolo is just volleyball in a shallow pool

-you have scratches all over your body, and simply shrugg when people ask you what happened, because you want to avoid the whole "how is volleyball dangerous?!" scenario

-if you are a girl, you have red marks all over your neck and are usually tutted by some teachers at school if you happen to wear a tank top

-you aren't always aware that you're bleeding or bruised

-you secretly like the smell of chlorine

-you think waterpolo players are more attractive than other people

-it is normal to get home later than 11pm, and your friends are always jealous of your curfew, but you are too tired to explain to them that you're not out partying, you're at the pool

-you prefer swimming in pools over oceans

-your summer hangout is the pool

-you have terrible bathingsuit tan during the summer

-you will never be caught at a puplic swim

-you resepct swimmers less than other people

-you dont think waterpolo hats are funny looking

-your breaststroke has gotten considerably worse and as frustrated as your summer swim coaches get, there is no hope for your backstroke

-your muscles hurt after a few days of not being in the water, especially your shoulders and knees

-you are extremely un-flexible

-when you lick yourself you taste like chlorine:)

-you get cap tans in the summer

-you get to know the lifeguards who give out ice pretty well:D

-you diss synchro ppl regularly

-you get kicked out of hotels for horsing around:D

-you find yourself needing therapy after tounaments on account of sexual assult

-you have been touched in places that normal people shouldn't touch

-you are at the pool more often than at home

-one arm is bigger than the other

-Your eyes are bloodshot from the chlorine and when you go to school, people constantly ask you, "Are you high?"

-You find yourself drawing out "man-ups" on a page in your math book when your supposed to be paying attention..sometimes you even try to explain it to someone.

-when u say u play waterpolo and someone even mentions horses, u get seriously angry and want to injure someone

-you find yourself explaining to ppl what the game is really about and why you have so many cut's briuses and choke marks, but usually they just stare at you in awe, probably thinking that they will think twice before playing volleyball in the pool

-ppl ask you why you have a hoarse voice after spending so much time in the water(you were "communicating" with your teammates)

-you think underwater hockey players are the lowest form of life amd look for any opportunity to get in a fight with one

-this only applies for girls but...
ppl who ask if you wear bikinis... you try to explain that a bikini would only get ripped off then when they give you demented looks, you laugh because the idea seems funny to you

you thought practice was long only to find out that the 'team talk' afterward is even longer than the actual practice

- you give a good, firm handshake to every opponent after a game and are appauled when playing another organized sport, that your opponents only slap your hand after the game

- giving wedgies to teammates on the pool deck will never get old.

- you perfectly understand everyone with a heavy, eastern-european accent because you've had to adapt to what your coach says, who indeed has a heavy, eastern-european accent

-you've probably gotten more kickouts then you should but secretly don't regret any of them because hey, that bitch deserved it

-you're 'slippery when wet' and you 'do it in the deep end'

- you know the reason why an hour before games you and your teamates lather yourselves with lotion :) ( its to be slippery in the water incase no one got

-butterfly is not a stroke, IT IS A PUNISHMENT

-you think going to training is more important than going to school.

-you hear "hahaha dont the horses drown?" and (when playing nubes) "ow your holding me!! why are u grabbing me?!" frequently

-whenever a new person comes to your team wearing a long bathing suit, you point, laugh, and show no mercy

-victoria rules/no rules will always have a special place in your heart.. especially when there are swimmers involved

-complete strangers may 'know' your body better than a non-waterpolo playing boyfriend/girlfriend

-you are a little too used to seeing rainbows around lights and cloudy vision

-when wearing two suits feels normal. And one just doesn't feel like it will hold.

-when you have seen your coach in a speedo and no one pressed charges

-When you say to someone "I play waterpolo...yeah its just like polo except we put the horses in the water" Then watching them think it over until you can't help but laugh at them.

-when one messes up, everyone suffers.

-when you get your suit pulled off and end up flashing everyone on the pool deck so much that it no longer phases you

-nothing compares to how potentially lazy you can be (THAT WOULD BE ME!!!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey everyone! Its almost time to see each other again! Here is Cat's newest e-mail. She sent to all the players, but she asked me to remind of you that after the meetings we are all getting pictures taken at the pyramid! Christina, Ashley and myself have to go as well to take the individual pictures.

Here is the e-mail:

Hi All Returners!!!! We are getting ready to start another fun and exciting school year.... So here is the plan for next week!!!

Tuesday Sept. 4 First Day of Class
Wednesday Sept. 5 Physicals or Email or Turn In Necessary Paperwork to Josh
Thursday Sept. 6 Team Meeting (ENTIRE TEAM)
3:30pm Meet @ Pool
3:45pm Meeting w/ MaryAnn Tripodi in Ukleija Rm
4:30pm Meeting w/ Robin Miramontes (our new academic advisor)
5:00pm Team Meeting
5:30pm Individual Photos for Media Guide in Pyramid
Friday Sept. 7 Meeting with Josh on Pool Deck 9-10am (ENTIRE TEAM)
Monday Sept. 10 Practice Begins 8-10am @ Pool

If you have any questions/concerns email me.... If you are going to be late let me know and you can just meet us at the Ukleija Rm..... Can't wait to see you all next week..... Ciao Cat

Catharine von Schwarz
Head Women's Water Polo Coach
Long Beach State University

Sunday, August 5, 2007

2007 RECAP

Alright, like I mentioned before, here is the video. I tried to put everyone in it. But I used the photos and videos I have on my computer so maybe it will not be the best picture of some of you... hehe

I had to cut part of it after it was ready because it was too big to upload here, soo the end is a little bit messed up, dont mind that

I miss you all so much and I cant believe Im not playing for Long Beach anymore...

ah... feel free to comment on this post. I really dont know if anyone check this blog.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ive been so lazy lately... Its vacation time!

I feel I need to keep working on my english because when I get back to school is not going to be easy...

This post to say (if anyone check this other than my mom and dad) Im working on a video with photos of each of us and some goals (and saves kim and morgie) we did during the season. It is almost ready and Ill be posting soon.

What else is new? hum... the sun is out again in Rio de Janeiro, the beach is just wonderful (as you can see in the pictures) and we stay most of our time there

oh yeah news: Cecilia just got back from jr worlds. Australia won, China (yes China!) in second, Hungary bronze and the United States fourth place. I think thats it for water polo news for this summer, now like I mentioned before is vacation time! ENJOY!