Monday, May 14, 2007


Goog Job Girls on working at NCAA! Exciting huh? So, work hard so next time you will be playing and not watching!

Sunday, May 13
Game 9: Wagner 6 vs.Pomona 7 (7th place game)
Pomona and Wagner played a very evenly match game, with Pomona and Wagner trading goals thoughout the game. However Pomona were able to estbalish an 2 goal cushion at start of the 2nd quarter and were able to maintain at least a 1 goal cushion through the game. It was not quite the fairy tale ending Wagner were hoping for, despite the enterprising play and enthuisasm they added to this years tournament.
Billy Hoelck,Junior summed it up best "I'm really dissapointed in how we ended today, we wanted to win at least 1 game at NCAA's and finish higher than we were seeding."
Wagner Head coach Patrick Boomer although dissapointed at todays result was oppimistic about the future, "We have the capacity with our remaining players & incoming players to be back here next year." - Ryan Castle
Game 10: LMU 12 vs. Hartwick 13 (5th place game)
In the first upset of the NCAA tournament, Hartwick stages an 8-1 comeback to win a game that LMU thought belonged to them. The opening quarter was an entirely LMU dominated affair, with goals from everywhere. LMU #4 Dora Szabolsci was a real offensive threat throughout the game, but in the opening half she was the player to watch.LMU's determination withered in the second half when the Hartwick girls found renewed enthuisasm and passion, particularly on the counter attack and Hartwick Head Coach Alan Hutkins was able to motivate his girls to a seemingly impossible comeback. - Ryan Castle
Game 11: San Diego State 6 vs vs USC 13 (3rd place game)
Despite the scoreline, this was a very close game, in which USC were only able to create a big score seperation in the 4th quarter. Throughtout the game USC would go 3-5 goals ahead, and the the Aztecs would fight back within 2. The Aztecs were able to push the trojans in part to Jenna Shuster, who seemed to be the spark in the Aztec team. However the Trojan man power and well structured offensive and defensive patterns were sufficient enough to create the opportunities needed to secure the bronze medal. - Ryan Castle
Game 12:Stanford 4 vs.UCLA 5 (Championship game)
The UCLA Bruins won their third NCAA in a row thanks to 3 Courtney Mathewson goals. In similar fashion to the MPSF final, the UCLA bruins were effective at eliminating Stanfords most effective weapon - their counter attack. Overall the game was a tough encounter that came down to effective outside shooting.
UCLA jumped to 2-0 lead courtesy of 2 great outside shots by Gillian Kraus and Courtney Mathewson. Kraus scored her second and UCLA's third early in the second quarter, and it wasnt until Lauren Silver scored late did Stanford get a point on the board.
Courtney Mathewson added her second goal of the day, late in the third quater to give the Bruins a 4-1 lead going into the fourth quarter. However Stanford's Lauren Silver hit back early with 2 goals to bring Stanford within 1 goal at 4-3 in favor of the bruins. Mathewson however stepped up again to score a crucial goal giving UCLA a 5-3 lead. Stanford were able to pull backa goal, but UCLA were able to hold on and win the NCAA championship. - Ryan Castle

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