Sunday, October 7, 2007


It seems the more homework we have, more time we have to do not the homework! We need breaks, and the breaks bring stuff like this...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mandatory Advising Counselor List

Marina can you post the attached list on the blog? It is the advisor with whom the girls should make their advising appointments, for those with Freshman Workshop next to them can you put TBA (to be announced)...... Thanks Cat

Antonopoulos, Patricia Kirsten
Bishop, Morgan Michelle
Canetti, Cecilia Michelle
Delfin, Briana Michelle
Denaro, Rachelle Robin
Di Tommaso, Geraldine Robin
Emerick, Kelsie Jimmy
Figge, Brooke Michelle
Gentner, Rebecca Robin
Grade, Erin Michelle
Hayslett, Courtney Freshman Workshop TBA
Holderman, Jennifer Freshman Workshop TBA
Houck, Kalina Kirsten
Lee, Branwyn Michelle
Leonard, Meaghan Freshman Workshop TBA
Libutti, Teressa Freshman Workshop TBA
MacKenzie, Megan Freshman Workshop TBA
O’Sullivan, Kealaonapua Kirsten
Perryman, Kelly Kirsten
Sarlo, Sophia Freshman Workshop TBA
Steadman, Sarah Michelle
Stragier, Kristen Freshman Workshop TBA
Strong, Kristin Freshman Workshop TBA
Swart, Kristin Kirsten
Thornback, Brittany Rebecca
Trujillo, Katherine Michelle
Wawrzynski, Dayna Robin
Winther, Cory Michelle

Monday, October 1, 2007

Water Polo Women's Stars

The web site el cuervo is making videos of some of the best women's water polo players in the world. This time is Brenda Villa. Very nice.

ps: the #4 just looks so cool hehe