Sunday, August 5, 2007

2007 RECAP

Alright, like I mentioned before, here is the video. I tried to put everyone in it. But I used the photos and videos I have on my computer so maybe it will not be the best picture of some of you... hehe

I had to cut part of it after it was ready because it was too big to upload here, soo the end is a little bit messed up, dont mind that

I miss you all so much and I cant believe Im not playing for Long Beach anymore...

ah... feel free to comment on this post. I really dont know if anyone check this blog.


Anonymous said...

eu checo!! eu checo!!

bia said...

nao fui eu q escrevi eu checo ... eu soh vim ver do q se tratava pelo flog de cecilia


Anonymous said...

eu também checo!!!!!